QML were tasked by Kitchen Range Foods to offload from delivery transport their new investment, a 7,200kg GEA Cutmaster machine and skate it into position in their factory.

QML were on site ahead of the delivery lorry that had travelled from Germany with the machine.  QML offloaded the machine as soon as it arrived, allowing the lorry driver to carry on his journey.

QML used the electric Power Attack load mover to provide propulsion. This protects the operatives from the risk of injury as they do not need to push the machine themselves or by forklift. The Power Attack provides high level of control as it has 2 speeds with proportional speed control and 1kW of power at the operators fingertips. Tight turns are more controllable too, allowing QML to position the machine in more hard to access areas. Trap hazards are eliminated as the operators are able to control the machine from a safe distance.