Starting in 2003, we set out on our mission to become a great team of machinery movers. We quickly expanded our ‘empire’ into two shipping containers and increased the ‘fleet’ to 2 vans, that lasted for 3 years then we moved to allow for more growth and rebranded to QML (UK) Ltd in 2008.

We are now based on the outskirts of Sleaford Lincolnshire and have been trading as QML UK Limited from our address for over 15 years.

In this time, we have maintained a proactive and methodical approach to health and safety, engaging in each company’s different needs and approaches to health and safety.

At QML UK, our mission is to be the safest industrial relocation company we can possibly be. Everything we do is thoroughly risk assessed, with an extensive method statement. Where a client has a dedicated health and safety manager, we work alongside them to combine their expertise for their premises and equipment with our knowledge of lifting and shifting safely, with an open mind and learning as we go from each other.

To date, our mission has been a success and are working as hard as we can, without complacency, not only to keep it that way but to improve and learn each day.

Each member of our team possesses the requisite training to ensure their and others safety while working. They are well-versed with our equipment and have a comprehensive understanding of its operation and functionality that goes beyond simply earning certificates through touchscreen tests. Every team member is empowered with the knowledge that if they feel anything is unsafe they can stop the task at anytime without risk of retribution.

After 20 years of building a good reputation with many great testimonials to our health and safety culture, we have maintained our still growing highly satisfied clientele, not only trusted with their equipment, but trusted with their reputation.

Lift and Shift

A large item being moved by a forklift truck

Our lifting and moving services include Jacking and Skating, and Lift and Shift. We have an extensive range of equipment for any lifting project, from 3t to 64t.


Two lorries with QML branding

QML covers the UK & Europe. We offer reliable transport services with a range of vehicles, from vans to our 65t/m specialist HIAB lorries, and everything in between.


A lorry mounted crane lifting a large item

Hire our HIAB for lifting, moving, and placing heavy loads. Use our operators for a focus on health and safety, and lift almost anything, anywhere.

Our blog serves as a place to find QML insights, project updates, and case studies. Whether you’re looking to work with us, or just want to see what we’ve been up to recently, this is the place to do it and stay connected with us.