All of our staff have the relevant training to allow them to work safely. They use the equipment daily, they understand how it works and what it does. Training is not all about a certificate showing that they got it right on a touch screen test or that they operated the equipment right during an assessment it is so much more than that.


We always work as a team.

No one gets to work on their own until they have shown the upper management that they are proficient in the task they are being asked to undertake, it’s a lifetime apprenticeship for us all, look at everything as if it is new, something will have changed, every day for us is a learning day.


From the first phone call outlining the job, getting the right details on the customer enquiry form, the site visit to see the task, to understand and mitigate the problems if there are any.


Time is our friend, we understand deadlines and know how to work to them, however, not at any cost, our teams are empowered enough not to be pressured into making mistakes.


Use the right equipment and keep that equipment in tip top order. Every item of equipment has its place, it is inspected not only to keep up with legislation but every tool we use is kept properly, in the kit box, van or equipment containers everything has a place. We are proud of our equipment and re invest constantly to keep up with the best available.

The result?

19 years on and we are all in good shape with a very happy customer base who trust us to take care of not only their equipment but their reputation too.

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