QML COVID-19 Statement

The business remains open as we continue to support our clients at this difficult time.

QML takes the Covid 19 pandemic situation seriously.  In line with Government guidelines, and in order to look after our staff and others, QML will be operating a social distancing approach (where possible).

Steps we will take include:

  • limiting the number of employees that travel in one vehicle to site (when it is practical to do so).
  • ensure single use of the welfare facilities at our base.
  • maintain social distancing when at base and on a client’s site.

Whilst working at our base or on a client’s site, we would ask that social distancing is observed by those working with QML at any time.

We hope that with a sensible collective approach following the government instructions, we will be able to continue to work together in a less restrictive way once the guidelines are relaxed.

The team at QML wish you all the best during this difficult time and hope you and your loved ones remain safe and well.

John Yates