At QML (UK) Limited we have a positive attitude towards Health and Safety including our own and our clients point of view.

We actively seek meetings with, and take advice from, each and every site meeting.

We work with your HSE team looking to improve our understanding of your unique work place and letting you see that we have the right controls in place for our activities within that work place, making us one team during our stay and hopefully taking some good practices away with us.

Our personnel are encouraged to challenge and contribute to the working systems in place, making sure that the processes are workable and safe, looking to better ourselves along the way.

We use ‘Time Out For Safety’ or ‘Take 2’ as it is sometimes known to discuss new events and resolve any problems or issues.

Machinery moving is what we do, it is not a sideline to another part of the company, it is a serious business that needs to be taken seriously.

Everyone will have an opinion on how something should be done, however clear leadership always needs to prevail.

It's all about perspective, sometimes changing places helps...